Hello world!

I grew up reading books. That’s right, I said it: books (that four-letter word made five by an “s”, that word that’s become worse to some than real four-letter words). When I (on maybe two or three rare occasions in life) had the audacity to say, “I’m bored,” my parents would say, “Go read a book.” So you can imagine how, when the Internet came into being and I began to hear of this new pseudo-literary device called a blog (short, I later found out, for “web log”), I wasn’t too impressed. To me, great thoughts came between the two covers of works that had been read and re-read by countless generations—or, at least, by a publisher who deemed the book worthy of sale.


So why am I now making my first post on my first blog? I can assure you that it’s not because my love of books has decreased. Instead, my appreciation for blogs has grown. As I’ve used the Internet more and more over the years, I’ve learned that blogs definitely have an important part in this world. I’ve also come to realize that books and blogs can coexist as very different ways of sharing knowledge. So, without further adieu, welcome to my blog!


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